Stephanie A Cain (stephaniecain) wrote,
Stephanie A Cain

Total word count - 44,619

Today's word count - 3,822

My goal for tonight was 45,000. But I just can't stay awake any longer. My head hurts, and I can't keep my eyes open. It's been a real struggle tonight. I stayed in Zeva's point of view through three different scenes, and it proved to be a challenge, even though I think it worked out all right. She had some very important conversations tonight. I didn't manage to do everything I wanted to, thouhg - so I may have to go back and revise some of this tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm just goingt o post a link because I'm falling asleep.

Updated file: For the Grace Go I.
Tags: nano: 2003, novel: shaper

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