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Bits and bobs

Thank you to [profile] heyurs and [profile] hhhellcat for the glass hearts! You ladies are wonderful. :)

Have spent the past couple of weeks replotting and rethinking and rereading my epic fantasy novel. Think I have worked out most of how it will play, but not quite ready to start typing. :P

I seem to have taken up jewelry making as an actual hobby. Finished a necklace tonight for Mom's Sunshine Girl at school, and I'm very pleased with it. Not sure if I'll ever be up to Etsy class work, though.

My friend Hannah Jayne's second novel Under Attack is out. Haven't read it yet, but I have a copy and I'm looking forward to it.

Speaking of reading, I just finished Forever by Maggie Stiefvater, and I have to admit, I got really sick of all the emo-kid stuff in it. Maybe listening to the unabridged audiobook made it seem more emo than it really was, but wow. I was screaming, "Just grow up and get over it already!" at Sam and Grace a couple of times. I do, however, love the music she wrote to go along with the books.

*cough* Anyone else out there actually ship Grace/Cole? 'Cause...yeah. *cough*

Speaking of music, does anyone know of a way to save an MP3 from a website to an iPad? She posted all of her music on her website, and I could download on the computer, but then I would have to turn it on, which I haven't been doing much lately. LOL

I seem to be failing in my quest to find Angostura rum anywhere in the state. Either White Oak or Angostura 7 year would be fine, since I'm pretty sure they don't sell the single barrel outside of Trinidad. Damn us being short-sighted and not buying a second bottle of what is undoubtedly the best damn rum in the world. (It tastes like vanilla and molasses and is incredibly smooth and awesome. Seriously.)

I've heard something about Paget Brewster deciding to leave Criminal Minds at the end of the season. I know her contract is up, but really? That's how she shows her gratitude to the fans who got her back on the show? Um, okay, good luck and all, but I'm a bit miffed and don't really care what she does. I don't enjoy comedy shows, so I won't be watching any new project she might have. *sigh*

Oh well, with JJ as a full profiler, we don't really need to replace Prentiss anyway. And in my little fandom world I can pretend she leaves profiling to be a full-time mom and consultant after marrying Morgan or Rossi. *G*

I really, really, really, want to go back to Tobago. I know it's impractical to want to spend the rest of my life sitting on the beach or swimming, but maybe I could learn how to sail a boat, and take tour groups around the island. Even though it would be way better to sit in the bar at Blue Waters Inn and write while sipping rum punch all afternoon.
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