Stephanie A Cain (stephaniecain) wrote,
Stephanie A Cain

Tonight I feel no ability to write the next scene in my book. (Sorry, tulip_head!) While I was waiting on the doctor this afternoon I did a good thirty minutes' worth of plotting, and so when I cam home (a happy writer with prescriptions for steroids and muscle relaxants!) I sat down and wrote out notecards for them all. Yes, I have become the Master Plotter of Doom! *insert evil laugh here* I have different coloured index cards for characters, cards with alternating colour/white lines for the Sidhe and one character, and white cards for plot incidents. The best part is, I can shuffle them together, change the order, see what that would do to the story, and spread them all out before me. One really cool thing is the way I can prop three cards at a time on my keyboard tray. Two characters, one scene, works pretty well.

Welcome to rainingmercy, who is new to the friends list! *waves*

Rats. Still am not motivated to start the scene. I want to write it! I just...don't know what to write.

Tags: nano: 2003, novel: shaper

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