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Total Word Count - 23,528

Tonight's word count - 2,341. Half of those typed with my eyes closed. I am falling asleep at the computer again. But I got the scene written. I'm updated the webpage, but I'm too tired to do the cut-and-paste thing and then have to find-and-replace all my "smart" quotes with regulars, etc etc.

Yay! Megan takes over the story, and Poppy has more adventures. ^_^

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Heh. I now have a Word file with the list of songs on my NaNo soundtrack. And a Word file with all the lyrics of said songs. And I've gone and renamed the files so they won't load in a funny order from the CD (because it was easier to do that than to try to put the Winamp playlist back in the right order).

And because I can, I'll share that with you now.

Procrastinate much? *sigh*

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Word Count: 11,620

I know I didn't get quite as many words written tonight as I wanted. Oh well, I nearly made it to 1000. I unfortunately got side-tracked by many things. However, one exciting thing that happened tonight, while I was reading up on all the different dogs in Faerie (and scaring myself silly, I might add)--I found my link between Celtic mythology and Dante! Wah-la, as slightlyjillian would say. That link is Youdic, an entrance to hell that is located in the northwestern region of Brittany. Okay, so it is Celtic France, so what? Who cares if most of the rest of the stuff I'm using is Irish, with a sprinkling of Scottish and Welsh? I wanted a link to Dante, I've got one!

*yawns hugely*

Man. I HAVE to go to bed.

I am using index cards on my novel. It is officially more organized than any paper I ever wrote for school. Ever.

Word Count: 10713

Argh. Only wrote 580 words tonight. I wanted to write about 1000. But then again, I had dinner with Kim and her mom, and then came home and gathered the garbage, and then chatted with slightlyjillian for quite a while (she did finish my novel. Mwahaha.). And still managed to write 580 words. So I suppose if I look at it that way, I accomplished a lot.

I won't update yet, though, because it's only a tiny section, not even the beginning of a scene.

I wonder if I'm having dinner with juthwara and longstrider tomorrow or Thursday. I think it's Thursday. But I can't remember.

Argh. Going to bed.