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Today entered "Fireships" and "Inheritance" into the Writer's Digest short story competition. I haven't finished the rewrite of "Inheritance", but with the deadline only two days away, I'm not going to. Decided to go ahead and submit it.

Today was a discouraging day. I've been failing badly at my attempts to write consistantly on the novel, though I've got a lot further on the two Harry Potter fanfics I've been writing, and my Sims2 characters have managed to have a horrible breakup after the wife was caught cheating. *sigh* Willpower, thy name is NOT Stephanie.

Upcoming short story markets

Posting for my own reference:

Glimmertrain's Fiction Open - July 15th deadline

Donard Publishing - 20th July deadline

Writer's Digest Writing Competition - 15th May deadline (Schnell! Schnell!)
  • Genre Short Story (Mystery, Romance, etc.) (4,000 words maximum.)
  • Mainstream/Literary Short Story (4,000 words maximum.)
  • $15 for the first manuscript; $10 for each additional manuscript submitted in the same online session
  • Top Award Winners will be notified by mail before October 21, 2006.

I personally think "Inheritance" is the story that's most polished, as far as a quick submission goes. I wouldn't mind submitting "Nightlights" to the literary fiction section, but I have a feeling that I submitted that story once before. Maybe "Ghosts in my Mind" would be a better choice for literary. Hmm.