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Still working on the NaNoWriMo novel. I passed my word count but haven't finished telling the story yet. Unfortunately I can't stop yawning enough to wipe away tears (from yawning, not sadness) so I have to go to bed. Probably has something to do with the Flexeril I took a couple of hours ago, huh?

Today's word count: 1158. Go me.

Total word count - 44,619

Today's word count - 3,822

My goal for tonight was 45,000. But I just can't stay awake any longer. My head hurts, and I can't keep my eyes open. It's been a real struggle tonight. I stayed in Zeva's point of view through three different scenes, and it proved to be a challenge, even though I think it worked out all right. She had some very important conversations tonight. I didn't manage to do everything I wanted to, thouhg - so I may have to go back and revise some of this tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm just goingt o post a link because I'm falling asleep.

Updated file: For the Grace Go I.

Total Word Count - 40,797

Today's word count - 3,761.

W00t! I found out tonight why the Sidhe are so particularly interested in Zeva! YAY! Thank you, Taidgh, for finally revealing that information! *wipes away sweatdrops*

Okay, tulip_head, I'm updating as we speak! ^_^ I do hope you like this segment. And it should please my best friend, too, because it's got Boone in it, as well as Edmund. ^_^

Word Count - 31,391

Okay, major writing session today. The daily word count is the highest yet - 5745. Go me.

I can tell the Prednizone is working, because my butt and leg haven't hurt hardly at all today. Yippee. Also my wrists are feeling better, which means that - as I had hoped - the anti inflammatories are helping my CTS as well.

Which is a good thing, because some strange things happened in the novel today. I found out some stuff about Edmund, and I realized that Poppy's in worse shape than I'd thought. Not to mention getting some backstory on Boone as well. Today was a day for secrets to come out of hiding. ^_^

Without further ado, go read the novel so far!

Now I am tired. I will probably try to write some more, but fall asleep at the computer (which will be hard since I've switched to a straight chair because my back hurts--in fact what I'll probably do is wake myself up by falling out of the chair!) so I wanted to post my progress so far.

Total Word Count - 25,491

I am halfway done with the required word count! Go me! I'm frankly amazed that I've written 65 pages so quickly. This is just rockin'. I may have to do NaNoWriMo every year, just because it makes me plant butt (painfully) in chair and WRITE.

Words written today - 1,963. Again, I'm just too sleepy to copy and paste and find and replace, so I'll again post a link to the novel's website.

For the Grace Go I

In fact, I had to fight to stay awake long enough to write the last mini-scene. But I didn't want to post it otherwise.

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Tonight I feel no ability to write the next scene in my book. (Sorry, tulip_head!) While I was waiting on the doctor this afternoon I did a good thirty minutes' worth of plotting, and so when I cam home (a happy writer with prescriptions for steroids and muscle relaxants!) I sat down and wrote out notecards for them all. Yes, I have become the Master Plotter of Doom! *insert evil laugh here* I have different coloured index cards for characters, cards with alternating colour/white lines for the Sidhe and one character, and white cards for plot incidents. The best part is, I can shuffle them together, change the order, see what that would do to the story, and spread them all out before me. One really cool thing is the way I can prop three cards at a time on my keyboard tray. Two characters, one scene, works pretty well.

Welcome to rainingmercy, who is new to the friends list! *waves*

Rats. Still am not motivated to start the scene. I want to write it! I just...don't know what to write.